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Homosexuality and Love

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After watching an old movie “Brokeback Mountain”, I want to share my thoughts about homosexuality and love. This is a relationship story about Jack and Ennis, the two men who develop deep love for each other. Their journey starts in a very traditional masculine environment in America’s hinterland: beautiful mountains, stunning valleys, forests, rivers, and herds of cattle.  Jack and Ennis are not very literate country men, who find jobs as shepherds.  The surroundings and their conversations show that these men cannot imagine their lives in any other way.  Jack and Ennis do not fit the gay stereotype; on the contrary they are real cowboys leaving the lifestyle of drinking, shooting, horse riding and gold digging.

Their days in the mountains are quite ordinary: hard work and daily routine. All of a sudden, we notice a spark between them and passionate feelings that take them by surprise; but they cannot resist it.  The beautiful feeling they experience toward each other is full emotion and affection.

After, Jack and Ennis part ways, they move on with their lives: getting married and starting having children.  Both of them are trying to follow social norms and desperately trying to find escape from their love for each other. Later, they succumb to temptation and decide to occasionally meet up, despite the fact it’s threatening their own family happiness at risk. After their marriages deteriorate, Jack and Ennis still do not live together because of the fear of being judged by the society. At the end of the movie, Jack was mauled by a gang, leaving Ennis with his own memories of their strong and everlasting love in his heart.

Director’s Intentions in Making this Movie

The directors managed to convey this story as the journey of people who were able to understand and accept their love regardless of the fact that it was against social norms and cultural beliefs.  Their occasional dates were so seldom that it was almost like a breath of fresh air or like a flash light at night.  The director managed to portray the love of two masculine humans in a most sensual way possible.  When Jack and Ennis were holding each other in their arms, it was so sincere and powerful. It made it clear that their love was so unique and unstoppable.

Directors’ intention of convening the true love was successfully executed. This story also states that love is not defined by gender; it can exist between people of the same sex. The directors’ message of how it is difficult for gay people to express themselves and to hide the true nature of their character can be seen in the scene where Jack and Ennis have to say “goodbye” to each other, hoping they never had to do this.

It also was hard for them to live the “normal” life in a way that doesn’t reveal their true nature.  They also had to be very careful in the way they behaved every step of their life to be able to enjoy the short moments of their time together at the Brokeback Mountain, where they could escape from the tough reality.  The real life for these men was like a prison for their gay nature, and only by escaping to the wildness they could truly feel free.

You can learn a great deal about the men in this movie and how their love and attraction for each other affected their lives.

Jack and Ennis’s feelings were full of desire and passion that sometimes was more than they could take or control. We could see that after the first night they explored their love, both of them did not really understand what happened between them.  Only after some time when they collected their senses together, they were able to share their feelings and concerns with each other.  Some might argue that Jack and Ennis’s feelings was not love but rather lust, passion, or uncontrolled animal desire.  But I say we do not need to put a label on their feelings.  It’s clear that it’s possible to have such strong emotions that can push you to betray the most important things in your life, family, for example.

Someone would steel money to buy drugs, but someone would betray his wife to have intimate moments with the man he loves, knowing that it will not lead to anything good and there is no future for their relationship. During their lives, even though they knew that they might die doing what they do, they still decided to walk on the edge in honour of their love.  Their life was affected greatly because it included other people such as children, wives and parents.  Jack and Ennis’s suffering were shared by the members of their families and in particular their wives.  None of them were truly happy to live the life that was full of secrecy and deep misunderstanding.

Homosexuality Today and How might Things have been different for them Today?

If they lived today, they definitely could have enjoyed their life together. However, the society is still not 100% accepting of gay couples in America, and especially in other parts of the world such as Middle East where they have death penalties for same-sex unions.  America is one of the fifteen counties that legalized same-sex marriages in 9 states, and recently in all States.

Nonetheless, even the fact that gay theme movies get produced today is a big step toward developing understanding and acceptance for gay people. The fact that the main character roles are played by heterosexual males also makes a statement, not only it brings this gay issue to the mainstream but also shows that gay people are not “freaks” and the role can be played by equally intelligent actors.

I recommend you to watch this movie.  It gives you a new perspective on love, passion and true reality of our lives.  I was deeply involved in the movie and moved by it.  It’s a movie about love and missed opportunities.  It shows that sometimes we do not value things or cherish people we love until we lose them, and only then we understand that they were oxygen for us.  It makes me realize that in my practice as sex coach and marriage therapist, I need to always remember the beauty of this feelings and know that this feelings can make things work and improve.

The end of the movie makes you melt in tears because there is nothing in this world should stop people from loving each other.  It also makes us think about what and who we have and how we show our appreciation and love.  It challenges us to do some things that we were hesitant to do before because we realize that we can miss this opportunity to action.

This movie also shows the difficulty faced by gay people to reveal themselves. It encourages me to appreciate their courage on another level.

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